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  1. simplextech

    Shutting down at the end of the month

    All, Due to the lack of interest the Simplex Locate service we will be shutting down at the end of the month (02/28/19). For those users that have signed up and used the service I hope the response, reliability and quality were to your expectations. This was a long process to deliver a high...
  2. simplextech

    BTraced Client

    We are working with Gurtam to have the BTraced tracker app added to the system as a supported client.
  3. simplextech

    Pushover Notifications

    If you use Pushover you can integrate them with Wialon notifications. What you need is: 1. App token. You can create this free from your Pushover profile. 2. User Key - your key that's on your main profile page Setup: Create the Notification for whatever trigger type you want. Select...
  4. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Alarm Type

    Name: Alarm Type Sensor type: Custom sensor Parameter: alarm_type1 Intervals and colors: From Color Text 1 black Speeding 2 black Low voltage 3 black High engine coolant temperature 4 black Hard acceleration 5 black Hard...
  5. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA DTC Code

    Name: DTC Code Sensor type: Custom sensor Parameter: dtc_mark
  6. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Total Mileage

    Name: Total Mileage Sensor Type: Mileage Sensor Parameter: total_mileage
  7. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Trip Mileage

    Name: Trip Mileage Sensor Type: Mileage sensor Parameter: curr_mileage
  8. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Total Fuel Consumption

    Name: Total fuel consumption Sensor type: Impulse fuel consumption sensor Parameter: total_fuel
  9. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Trip Fuel Consumption

    Name: Trip Fuel Consumption Sensor Type: Instant fuel consumption sensor Parameter: curr_fuel
  10. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Ignition

    Name: Ignition Sensor Type: Engine ignition sensor Metrics: On/Off Parameter: s2:3
  11. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Fuel Level

    Name: Fuel Level Sensor type: Custom sensor Metrics: % Parameter: pid_212f
  12. simplextech

    Troubleshooting with Register Event

    Sometimes it's necessary to figure out if a notification fired or not. Nothing is perfect unfortunately. However there's a very convenient way to log event notifications using the Register Event option in the notification. Each time the notification is executed an event is logged for the unit...
  13. simplextech

    Speeding Detection

    In the "Advanced" tab of the unit configuration there is a section for "Speed Detection" in the Speeding section. Options include None Use fixed limits Use limits from roads The Use limits from roads feature pulls data from either the Gurtam maps or from Google maps if enabled and can be...
  14. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Software Version

    You can create a sensor to retrieve the software version of the OBD Tracker. This is helpful for checking for software updates and possible bug/security fixes. Create a New Sensor Name: Software Version Sensor Type: Custom Sensor Parameter: sw_ver
  15. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

    The IDD-213L(A) and IDD-213W(P) support retrieval of the VIN through the OBD. To access this information create a new Sensor. Only the items needing to be changed will be listed. If further guidance or questions please ask. Name: VIN Sensor Type: Custom Sensor Parameter: vin
  16. simplextech

    Maker API and Notifications

    This example is for Geofences but applies for any notification type. Pre-Reqs: Unit Configured/Working Geofence Created Notification Setup Create a Notification for the Unit you are wanting to be notified about. Select Unit Choose Trigger Type Geofence (as example) Select your Geofence and...
  17. simplextech

    Simplex Locate 30 Day Free Trial

    The Simplex Locate service includes a 30 day free trial for all users and plans. This is by default and does not require any coupon or special codes. This is to allow you the freedom to try the system, ask questions and see if it works for you and to tell us why it doesn't work and how we can...
  18. simplextech

    GPS Trackers - FAQ

    What devices/trackers are supported? Over 1500+ devices. Please check the hardware list here: and the Wialon FAQ here: Is there a mobile app? There are mobile "Tag" apps that turn a mobile device into a tracking...
  19. simplextech

    Sinocastel IDD-213LA Engine RPM

    To get the engine RPM's you can add a sensor with the following: Name: User defined ie Engine RPM Sensor type: Engine -> Engine revs sensor Parameter: rpm
  20. simplextech

    [Beta] PHLocation2

    Currently PHLocation2 is in [Beta] status and is not released. However I have done extensive testing with the plugin and working with the author on minor touch ups and I can say Simplex Locate works very well with this plugin. Once the plugin is released I will post a write up on how to setup...