GPS Tag App

Another alternative for using Wiatag is an App called 'GPS Tag' by Gurtam. I found it to be easier to set up than Wiatag. One of the things I liked about it is that it uses the phones IMEI number from the phone as a unique ID. Setting it up in Wialon was very easy. You simply go into UNITS and select new, give it a name, select GPS Tag from the drop down menu for Device Type. From there you put in the IMEI number from your phone in the Unique ID text box. Write down the Server Address and the Server Port from that window.

Open GPS Tag on your phone and there will be Settings. In there you open Server Connection. Check and make sure the Server Address and the Server Port match the information you wrote down. The other areas under "Settings" like Location determination, Messages settings, Notifications and state and Other are settings you can customize to meet your needs.

Go back to Monitoring in Wialon and enable the new unit. After a few minutes the new unit will be showing as being tracked by Simplex Locate.