Sinocastel IDD-213LA Alarm Type


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Name: Alarm Type
Sensor type: Custom sensor
Parameter: alarm_type1

Intervals and colors:

From Color Text
1 black Speeding
2 black Low voltage
3 black High engine coolant temperature
4 black Hard acceleration
5 black Hard deceleration
6 black Idle engine
7 black Towing
8 black High RPM
9 black Power on
10 black Exhaust Emission
11 black Quick lane change
12 black Sharp turn
13 black Fatigue driving
14 black Power off
15 black Geo-fence
16 black Emergency
17 black Crash
18 black Tamper
19 black Illegal enter
20 black Illegal ignition
21 black OBD communication error
22 black Ignition on
23 black Ignition off
24 black MIL alarm
25 black Unlock alarm
26 black No card presented
27 black Dangerous driving
28 black Vibration

The color can be changed to your preferences as with the text. These settings are defined in the IDD-213LA configuration in the Alarm section.